About Us

We are a family company run by agronomies engineers; focus on agribusiness, which in 2015, drawn by the love for the land and devotion towards the production of healthy and essential foods, founded Aiken. A company passionate for fields, respectful for the nature, and dedicated to enhance healthful nutrition.

What does Aiken mean?

For the native people of Patagonia, Aiken meant LIFE, and that is what the company stands for, providing aliments that can be added to your daily food, in order to make your diet healthier and more balanced.

Quinoa, a super food

Quinoa (Quenopodium quinoa) is a super food for its excellent nutritional quality and protein contribution, since it contains all the essential amino acids. Also, its seeds are gluten free, allowing celiac people its consumption. It is an ancestral food originally from Bolivian plateau

Our Proceses

In Aiken we produce quinoa in our own land, in the south of the Buenos Aires province, in the heart of the humid Pampa. We started sowing the first experimental hectares in 2014. After trying different varieties, we finally selected those that best suited our land and climate.

We keep experimenting different methods to improve our harvest so as to cover our needs and those of our clients.
Our focus is always on what is best for the soil, which is the most important natural resource we own, and to attain sustainability in the environment.

We have become and integrate company that covers the whole process, from production to client purchase.
In Aiken we process our seeds sustainability. After the harvest, our quinoa goes to an ecological process that eliminates the saponins through a process of friction between the seeds, getting the best quinoa flavor for those who choose eat healthy.